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screenshotsIrish Lottery takes the hassle out of betting on the results of the Lotto in Ireland. You can enjoy playing fixed odds on one of Europe's most lucrative lotteries.

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History of Irish Lottery

screenshotsThe Irish lottery was launched by the An Post National Lottery Company on 23 March 1987.

In the early days, the Irish lottery was held once a week only. However, strong demand for tickets meant that a Wednesday evening lottery was introduced on 30 May 1990, and the two draws have existed side by side ever since. Both of these are broadcast live on RTE One in Ireland, with millions tuning in each week hoping that they've won the jackpot.

There has been a sharp rise in the number of people wanting to play the Irish lottery abroad recently. Once upon a time, these overseas fans may have felt excluded from the draw, now there is a viable alternative open to them – betting on the results. In this version of the lottery, players are given fixed odds for correctly predicting which balls will be drawn. The Irish Lottery site is designed to help everyone find the best places to play, regardless of where they're from.